Saturday, July 21, 2007

This has been nuts or Knee Deep in Graphic Novels

So, I moved to New York City for a month. My uncle offered me an interesting job and I needed to break up the last 3 months of my wait for Scotland, so I took the job. It has been crazy, and its almost over, between classes I've been taking and work I was alway to exhausted to type something out. So, I have some quetions...
1) Why do rich people think they are entitled to EVERYTHING?
2) Why do they think they deserve to get it now?
3) Why is 5 foot 7 always 3 inches too short?
4) When will I feel like I am living life, and not waiting for life to start?
5) Why don't I feel at home anywhere (surely someone else must have felt/feels like that/this)?
Feel free to answer 1 all of them or 3 of them, please do not and 2 of them or 4 of them, lets keep things odd.

Alright, Second half of my Rocky and Bullwinkle style title...

I have started reading the Sandman Series (obviously with book one) I picked up Neverwhere, the Graphic novel, inspired by Neil Giaman's novel, and I am halfway through... The Watchmen.

Now for my raitings...

1. Sandman Series, B on the verge of a B+ I liked it a lot, can't wait to read more of it. I loved how it lives in the DC universe meeting Martian ManHunter references to Superman, The Joker, and Batman, a Cameo by Scarecrow and a pinch of John Constantine made this a fun book I read in one sitting.

2.Neverwhere, D+, The novel was fantastic I loved it, but to be completely honest Mike Carey didn't do it justice and Glen Fabry, although his illustrations were absolutely beautiful ruined it. I have the distinct feeling he didn't even read Giaman's novel. He ruins the Lady Door making her look like a fucked up wonderwoman Slut with giant boobs, and the Marquis De Carabas, possibly my favorite character in all of Giaman's storys was botched beyond repair. He was a fucking shadow, yeah thats right black, no detail black he looked like a fucking ink stain. Nice Try guys, but how about you reissue this after READING THE GOD DAMN BOOK!

3. The Watchmen, B, I am absolutely loving it. The only reason it sits where it is in the event that the end it terrible, but knowing Alan Moore I doubt it. However, I am erring on the safe side.

Next Up...

1. Sin City, I figure some Frank Miller
2. Blankets
3. Sandman Book 2