Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Here's Mine...Show me yours

So one of my absolute favorite things in this world is music. So, Here is my list of my 12 favorite songs... in groups of the good, the great, and the best...

The Good:
Thrice - Red Sky: possibly the most thought provoking band in the last 15 years, this song in particular paints the image of a bleak future, but manages to instill hope that the future they are describing isn't necessary.

Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes: I am a sucker for a good rock love song (not a ballad screw ballads) and this is an amazing one, grant it that stupid chasing cars song (its not bad, but definitely not great) is getting overplayed to the point where everyone whith a radio probably hates this band, but seriously Eyes Open isn't bad, and this song is pretty damn good. They do a good job of building to a climax without sticking it to you to earlier or making you wait to long for the pay off.

Jimmy Eat World -Lucky Denver Mint: Great song, and its a real litmis test to see if people bullshit understanding song lyrics or if they actually spend time to figure them out. Catchy as hell and it has a sweet dueling drum outro.

MC5 - Kick Out the Jams MOTHERFUCKERS!: anyone who thinks they are a punk will tell you that Ramones or Sex Pistols (piss on the sex pistols) where the creators of punk in 77 and anyone is actually a punk will tell you it was the MC5 in 1969 with the release of their live album Kick Out The Jams.

The Great:
AC/DC - Its a long way to the Top (if you want to rock n' roll): anyone with dillusions of rock stardom loves it unless you want to be in some loser Boy Band

The Who - Baba O'Riley: Before it was the intro to a CSI I am not sure if it actually is, but I am positive there are enough CSI spin offs to use every single The Who song. This song would give me chills and although the song in its entirety made little sense it had so many inspirational lyrics.

The Police - King of Pain: great use of lyrical metaphors comined with the dark mood supplied by the hollow guitar chords and the often empty yet polyrhythmic beats of Copeland, the police make an honest and creepy song...this is the one time I would ever believe that sting is the king of pain.

The Best:
U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday: Anyone who has heard this song can tell that 20 years later bands are still ripping off U2's style and dipshits today eat it like its the newest thing ever (modest mouse and the killers are especially guilty of cashing in on their brilliance) I think that this particular song encapsulates everything that is right with music in the early 80's.

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here: This song is so brilliantly constructed that one would have to be souless in order not to feel a little sad while listening to this. What I found even more haunting was the recent live 8 Floyd is amazing.

Buffalo Springfield - For What Its Worth: I loved this song the first time I heard it and I think I always will.

Van Morrison - Domino: has anyone every questioned how much Van Morrison manages to get away with vocally from his "shalala Beepop Dawipbop just like that" in Brown Eyed to him asking the listener to, "what this" in Domino. I love it!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Being judged from every angle...

So this week is going to be a rough one on the old ego and self esteem. I have two follow up interviews for work, one as a bill collector and one is for "customer service" which I think translates to, what every the hell we want you to do. I would prefer the latter only because bill collecting is awkward and it is commissioned work, and I am not known for my stellar work ethic...haha...that is always a fact I leave out of interviews.
Next up I have an audition with a band in the area who has been looking for a drummer for a few weeks, they heard of me through some various other bands in columbus and I have arranged an audition with them for thursday night. While I am not nervous about this I had an experience similar to this and this band I audition for said I was great but I was to short and scrappy, what the fuck! I mean tell me I am not good enough, but dont tell me I play perfectly well but I don't fit the description of an Abercrombie and Fitch model so I can't play with them, douche bags! Since then I have always been wary of auditions because that one burned me bad.
Lastly and most importantly, The United States education liason for The University of St. Andrew's (its in Fife, Scotland) will be meeting with me for the last stage of the interview process. This is nerve racking I went to a mediocre college because of fear of rejection letters, and I didn't originally intend on applying here, but I was convinced by one of my professors. I sent the application out expecting absolutely nothing, but I am at the last stage of the acceptance process and if I screw it up now...its going to sting.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

she's coming back around again.

why does spring make me feel like I have accomplished nothing? Side note: I hate that stupid part of bambi that makes spring so romantic, its not really like that. Here in Ohio we call spring the end of winter, because its still snowing DAMN IT!
I quit my job because I was close to getting fired, it was a shitty job anyway...I was getting disciplinary action taken against me for the most ridiculous of things, but good news 6 months until I am off to Europe. Woohooo.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Sometime Pop isn't a bad thing...

With American Idol and well let's face it, the entire music industry "Pop" music has become a revolving door of shit. I would like to argue it wasn't always that way. At one point Pop music wasn't the crap at the bottom of the barrel, it was actually the good stuff. Somewhere between Elvis, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles something went wrong. There aren't any bands of that quality that have had that sort of sucess.

Anyway the point is I recently saw this band, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer, (when they started getting recognition they had to change it from Zoloft) First off I love the name...Secondly these guys and girl, are absolutely fantastic. They take a kind of modern approach to 60's bubble gum pop. While not at all difficult, it is light-hearted and fun. Additionally the vocalist is a cutie, and her lyrics are fun and cute. Check it out if you are interested.