Tuesday, May 29, 2007

8 things you don't know about me...

I have taken a look at the other people that Fermi tagged and I am going to have to say that like the other I am on end of chain so it goes no further. Well here goes...

1. I wrestled for 12 years.
I started when I was in kindergarten, I was very very small, 23lbs and I got picked on a lot my parents thought this would help with selfesteem. It didn't really but I found something I excelled at and by my sophomore year of high school I had been invited to the Junior Olympics twice. I never went (to many dollars and cents), but hey I was invited. I always wrestled lightweight which in middleschool was 80lbs and in high school 103lbs. I actually weighed 68lbs in middle school and the I didn't break 100 until my senior year. However, wrestling was far from great I am weight obsessive I weigh myself at least twice a day and the smell of windex makes me nervous.

2. I have Social Anxiety Disorder
My dad thought that I was lazy when I would refuse to call a stranger (job inquiries) or that I wouldn't go to the movies, birthday parties, family gatherings...well you get the idea. It wasn't until a very tragic year in high school that I was sent to a headshrinker and she diagnosed me. Its tough, it makes dates very difficult it also seems to isolate me on some level from any friends I make because dance clubs, college bars, and house parties that I don't know everyone at are on my blacklist. I don't think I will ever be able to handle a dance club, but I am getting better and alcohol does help, but man if I have a panic attack while drunk...its bad...so bad...

3. I have a bad case of wanderlust.
This would seem almost completely contradictory to the last one, but I like traveling and for some reason about a year ago I started to ache for it. As a result I am traveling to Scotland this septemeber under the guise of furthering my education. I want to see as much as I can before I have responsiblities that are more than a credit card payment and deffered student loans.

4. Comics, Cartoons, and Movies...
Regardless of the form they are given to me in I am a Superhero nut. I read comics every chance I get, but the feeling that comes off most comics stores scares me away so I usually get them from a friend of mine. I watch every watered down version they have thrown into cartoon X-Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Silver Surfer, Batman, Justice League, and Superfriends. I seek out any movie remotely close to a Superhero fromt he obvious Marvel and DC movies to Unbreakable, Kill Bill, Pitch Black.

5. I am obessed with Jim Henson.
The first thing I do once I recieve my Masters in History (its scottish history but they don't have to know) is petitioning Brian Henson to allow me to do the most complete biography on Jim Henson to date. However until then I will continue to collect everything Henson, My prize piece is a cast autographed photo of FraggleRock. Jim Henson and awesome company are what have plunged me into the worlds of fantasy, science fiction, and even classical greek literature.

6. I am catholic.
I am what one considers a nonpracticing catholic. I had attended some sort of catholic education until I graduated college., which I would not trade ever, but I personally to me seeing two hundred people crowded in a room chanting the same thing takes away from religion. I would rather read something by St. Thomas Aquinas or C.S. Lewis and think to God, but that just me. I my favorite part of being nonpracticing is I still identify myself as catholic then I say nonpracticing, which always gets a "why aren't you practicing" to which I get to use the same witty retort over and over, "because after twenty years of catholic schooling I don't need to practice I am already pretty sweet at it."

7. Hopeless Romantic
My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Stardust. I am not sure if it actually existed but I want to meet that person that rocks me like the hurricane and never stops.

8. I am a pacifist.
I think that fighting is ridiculous, I know this seems as if it is contradicted by my 1st thing, but wrestling is more like dancing if you do it well. This might seem warped, but in high school I stood up to a bully I refused to relinquish the point I had made and he threatened physical harm and I let him hit me, I hit the ground and he kicked me a couple times, but once he saw that it wasn't going to affect me he gave up. There was something so satisfying about it that I decided that I would never stand down on something I believed and I would never resort to violence to further a point. However, the only struggle I have is in the event that someone I know its being attacked, I am not sure if subdueing a person considered a violent action, but I feel like I would have to to protect someone I love.

and because I said I would I am going to throw up a cat picture

Cat and Kid


fermicat said...

That is one big cat, but a nice looking one. We need more cat photos!

Interesting answers! I might have a touch of social anxiety disorder myself. I hate having to call people I don't know (business inquiries, etc.), and get very anxious about going to parties where I only know one or two people. It usually turns out fine, but I still get anxious.

I'm married to a 'non-practicing' Catholic. I stopped going to my protestant church 21 years ago, so I am 'non-practicing' also.

wa11z said...

I stringently practice non-religion. I take bits and pieces of everything that interests me and then keep it to myself. ;)

BC said...

I too have a form of anexiety issues. I could be driving to a store and for some damn reason I panic half way there. I have no idea why this happens.

Im also a "non-practicing" catholic. I guess I can be refered to as Agnostic. *shrug*